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How long does it take to expel the nicotine from the body?

August 17,2020.

How long does it take to expel the nicotine from the body?

There are many people who smoke, and many people's addiction lasts a lifetime. Since nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, one of the important ways to quit this bad habit is to eliminate nicotine from the body. How long it takes and how to speed up this process can help you quit smoking faster.

How does nicotine enter the body?

Nicotine enters the body through smoking. In addition to smokers, other people inhale nicotine through second-hand smoke. In general, the intake of nicotine from each cigarette is about 1-2 mg. After nicotine is inhaled into the lungs, it enters the bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body. We all know that nicotine is a toxic substance and is metabolized by the kidneys. Nicotine is soluble in water and can be excreted through the liver and urine.

How long does it stay in the body?

Most of the nicotine ingested by smoking will soon be excreted through urine. This is also one of the causes of excessive smoking, because smokers need to be constantly satisfied. After nicotine enters the bloodstream, it circulates in the body. It takes 6-8 hours for a cigarette of nicotine to be completely expelled from the body. However, there is more nicotine in the human body with high smoking addiction. After years of smoking, nicotine deposits in fat cells and spreads throughout the body. Once you quit smoking, most of the nicotine in your body will be metabolized and excreted within 48-72 hours. However, because nicotine adheres to fat cells and other body parts, it takes longer to completely remove. In addition, cotinine, a by-product of burning nicotine, can stay in the body for 30 days.

How to expel nicotine faster?

Like anything that enters the body, nicotine also undergoes metabolism. Therefore, any activity that can increase the metabolic rate will help speed up the removal of nicotine. Exercise is a good way to increase the speed of metabolism. Exercise can increase your heart rate and increase the rate of metabolism and calories burned. For people who have smoked for many years, it is important to start exercising. Make sure to drink plenty of water, because nicotine is soluble in water, so drinking water helps excrete this substance through urine. Vitamin A is also helpful in removing nicotine from the body, because it also has the effect of accelerating metabolism. Because nicotine has a tendency to destroy vitamin C in the body, it is important to supplement this nutrient after quitting smoking

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